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If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world. J.R.R. Tolkien





In our family, The Table is not only where we sit together, it's how we stay together. It's been as pinnacle to us as a spoon is for soup or the top rack in the oven is for cookies. This wooden landmark in our kitchen is not only where we savor good flavors, but where we share our stories - no matter how spicy or spoiled life gets.

The Table is just as much a philosophy as it is a good destination for plates and bowls. It is the nexus of conversation, the heart of our home, and where we have learned to lean into and learn from one another. We've transported this philosophy across the world with us, sharing meals with family and friends on plastic tables, safari tables, tables fit for kings and queens, and manmade tables where plates balance on knees. Truth be told, this ritual is the common denominator of all our favorite adventures. 

I try not to call myself a "chef" because then you really have to deliver. But, cooking means eating, and so I've gotten pretty decent at the former. The main reason I love to cook however, is that I'm convinced that a meal is practically the only venue where enemies use knives nicely. When people come together around a table to share food, you often get their story too. And stories season life. 

We decided to turn our family philosophy into a legacy, and thus The Table was created so we could hear your story too.


Absolutely everyone is invited, including crazy aunt Mildred, your high school drama teacher, your vet, and your racquetball cohort. But do remember: our table only has fourteen seats. So pretty please, with a maraschino cherry on top, register for our Table Group updates, and don't give up if you have to join the waitlist. 


As we sit around The Table, it's our hope that the symphony of stories and flavors make you feel full and ready for wherever your next meal will take you. 

Dinner is served, 

Amy & Jeff Rogers

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